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Indoor amusement equipment should pay attention to the interests of children of different ages

by:Jinma Rides     2021-08-22
Indoor amusement equipment hopes to work well. In addition to site selection, business hours and type selection, we must also pay attention to the interests of children of different ages. Only children who are interested can get more customers. For children, how do we arrange children’s paradise?
1 to 3 years old children’s sports development is not coordinated enough. Therefore, parents should choose indoor amusement equipment that can promote sports development, such as large balls, trolleys, three-wheeled carts, etc., so that children can exercise their whole body during the activity. Make its movement develop in harmony.
Children aged 3 to 6 have obvious random and emotional characteristics, and children have poor self-control ability and lack purpose. Therefore, indoor amusement equipment toys for children aged 3-6 must be bright, sleek, and vivid to stimulate children's interest and attract children to play actively.
Children between the ages of 6 and 9 have a certain understanding of things. Therefore, at this age, parents can choose indoor amusement equipment to focus on cultivating children's perception. Such as bright colors, obviously different colored circles, colored balls, colored bowls, various dolls, animal toys and electric toys, so that children can play a variety of sounds, so that children can fully perceive and repeatedly recognize the colors and sounds of objects , Shape, size, spatial contrast, material characteristics, etc., so that children gradually master the sensory standards and their language expression.
The cognitive development of children aged 9 to 12 also retains a lot of intuitive thinking. During this period, the development of children's small muscle groups is still imperfect, and the hand-eye coordination ability is poor. Therefore, the indoor amusement equipment that parents choose for their children should be able to see and fight, and let the children freely use their hands to cultivate their ability to open, close, set, wear, knock, assemble and disassemble. Such as: piling bed, wearing beads, barrel set, threading board, small and medium-sized puzzles, mosaics, matching toys, etc.
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