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Industry news about playgrounds or play equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-30
Industry news about playgrounds or play equipment

2022/6/21 2:43:38

For children's amusement equipment to be profitable, it must have lasting popularity, and the popularity must be supported by players. Due to the special consumer group of children's amusement equipment players, they are children of a few years old, so to have a lasting popularity, it is not enough for children to join in, and parents are also required to join in. However, in the current society, parents take great care of their children and attach great importance to their children's education. Simple children's play equipment cannot be recognized and encouraged by parents at all. Only equipment that takes into account entertainment, ān quán, education, and health can make them accept it in their hearts.

Because of its special function, the design of indoor children's playground is generally different from other children's playground designs in design. The current indoor playgrounds in China are generally built next to shops and food stores, and there are not many extra-large ones, or even almost invisible. In this regard, although the concept of this new playground has already been introduced in China, it has not been implemented thoroughly. In the domestic indoor playground design, in order to adapt to the venue, children's play equipment will have more or less simplifying its configuration.

1. Step by step, start with cultivating children's self-confidence. The improvement of children's physical fitness is not achieved overnight. It can be found that children with poor motor ability are more afraid of exercise, because these children are afraid that exercise will make them hurt. Therefore, the key to improving physical fitness is to cultivate children's self-confidence in sports from simple exercises according to the physical characteristics of different children.

2. According to the individual situation, children's play equipment should choose the items suitable for the characteristics of children. Select items that can stimulate children's interest, preferably with a little play in nature. For example, children with poor coordination can play shooting, ball, Frisbee, etc. For children who are lazy and do not like sports and lack of strength, they can play bouncing, football, and simple obstacle-surmounting.

3. The time and venue should be properly arranged, choose an open area with fresh air, and consider the physical characteristics of children, and the time should not be too long.

4. Make children feel happy and fulfilled. It is best to choose interesting and entertaining game activities with moderate difficulty and avoid repetitive single activities. In this way, children have a sense of achievement and exercise physical fitness while playing happily.

It should have various effects of the device, whether it can capture the minds of parents, and whether it can generate lasting popularity. Children's amusement equipment may not be very exciting and interesting in games, but it has positive significance in children's learning and education, and should be considered. Unlike video game city equipment, children's amusement equipment only needs to be stimulating enough to fully vent and relax. It is necessary to take into account the concerns of parents and the improvement of children's learning and intelligence.

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