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Installation and management of large amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-03-14
Installation and management of large amusement equipment

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The safe operation of large-scale amusement equipment is closely related to the quality of civil engineering, such as the site and foundation that carry the amusement equipment. Let's follow the amusement equipment manufacturers to take a look!

The site and foundation of civil works are supervised and managed by the housing construction department. In order to solve the connection between the foundation and the safety supervision of amusement facilities, and to effectively prevent and control potential safety hazards during the operation of amusement facilities, the Regulations on Supervision of Amusement Facilities stipulates The installation unit confirms the requirements of the foundation civil work.

The prerequisite for the start of the installation work is that the installation unit confirms that the site, equipment foundation, embedded parts and other civil works meet the requirements of civil works quality supervision and management.

At present, the State Council's 'Regulations on the Quality Supervision and Administration of Construction Projects' clearly stipulates the relevant supervision and management requirements for the foundation of amusement facilities.

The installation unit shall obtain relevant materials from the civil engineering construction or construction unit to confirm that the civil engineering meets the requirements of local civil engineering supervision and management.

The construction unit (generally the business unit and the user unit) selects the site according to the technical drawings and relevant technical data (or relevant civil construction data) provided by the equipment manufacturer or design unit, and signs a foundation construction contract with the foundation construction unit and foundation acceptance standards, strictly control the infrastructure construction in the process of foundation construction, deal with and eliminate various hidden dangers in a timely manner, and ensure the quality of foundation construction.

Inspect and supervise foundation construction safety and civilized construction.

When the infrastructure is checked and accepted, the infrastructure construction unit shall provide the records of the foundation construction, the records of the hidden works (if there are hidden works), the material inspection report, the relevant inspection report or the inspection report of the supervision department, and the qualification report.

When necessary, the construction unit shall provide the foundation bearing capacity report issued by the geological or relevant authority.

The foundation that needs preloading should be preloaded qualified, and there should be a record of preloading settlement.

The installation unit should carefully check the quality of the foundation construction, and the position of the embedded bolts in the foundation can be accurately connected with the equipment.

The foundation should not have abnormal phenomena such as uneven settlement and inclination, cracking and loosening, which will affect the normal operation of recreational facilities.

The foundation of important equipment should be grouted twice, and the grouting layer should be smooth and dense.

If there is stagnant water, effective drainage measures should be taken.

At the same time, the installation unit of large-scale amusement equipment should request the civil engineering construction or construction unit to provide relevant information to confirm that the civil engineering meets the requirements of local civil engineering supervision and management.
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