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Intuitive and objective factors to consider when buying small children's rides​and large scale rides

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-12
Intuitive and objective factors to consider when buying small children's rides​and large scale rides

2021/9/26 11:15:53

Intuitive and objective factors to consider when buying small children's rides and large rides

Small amusement facilities are also increasing from time to time, so what factors need to be paid attention to when small amusement facilities increase from time to time?

First of all, the quality issue deserves the position column xx. Only high-quality amusement facilities can give customers a sense of security. Children's amusement facilities are the main place for children to play, and sexual issues are the priority. Only the quality of the products can be guaranteed to be rock-solid. Therefore, when choosing amusement equipment, you should not be greedy for temporary convenience and choose inferior products, otherwise, misfortune will not come singly.

Ocean Flying Chair

Secondly, it should be considered whether the type positioning of the product can meet my needs. Blind selection will make the children's entertainment projects operated by myself become indistinguishable. The children's age positioning of each amusement equipment is more or less different. If there is a difference, the purchase should be targeted and consistent with my main source of customers.

Then, after-sales issues are also a focus. Good after-sales service is not only the corporate image of the amusement equipment factory, but also an indirect manifestation of product quality. After-sales will save customers a lot of trouble in the later stage of installation, so customers should choose carefully.

After all, the price is not the point, but it cannot be ignored. Everything should be done within its capacity, and so should the choice of amusement equipment. The high quotation of children's amusement facilities will also make the original budget exceed the original plan, which is not conducive to development. At the same time, if the price is low, the quality is also a doubt. Most of the product quality is proportional to the price. Therefore, we can't be greedy for small and cheap, and lose big because of small.

Nowadays, there are many large-scale amusement facilities, and there are many varieties of large-scale amusement equipment, so what should be paid attention to when purchasing large-scale amusement facilities?

Large-scale amusement facilities Parent-child roller coaster

1. Equipment that is easy to disassemble and move (large amusement equipment)

Such large-scale amusement facilities can be operated in parks, squares and other outdoor places when the weather is good. Facing the warm sunshine in winter and accompanied by pleasant music, the very prosperous operation effect is very good. It can be operated indoors when the weather is cold, providing a fun playground for children, which is very convenient to operate.

2. Do not take up too much space (large amusement equipment)

Do not purchase equipment that takes up too much space. After all, indoor places have certain restrictions. Therefore, the footprint of the device should not be too large so that it can be moved flexibly. The installation can be flexibly installed according to the conditions of the indoor venue. For example, there is just a pillar in the middle of the indoor venue. You can choose a hollow amusement equipment such as a track train. When installing, circle the pillar in the middle, but pay attention to the appropriate interval to ensure children's play. .

3. Multiple people can participate at the same time

Choosing amusement facilities that can be played by multiple people at the same time can not only increase the operating income, but also prevent indoor people from being crowded due to long queues. very good.
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