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Is it better to operate outdoor playground equipment or indoor?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-02-09
Is it better to operate outdoor playground equipment or indoor?

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When we take children to play, we often see indoor and outdoor playgrounds. For our customers, we choose indoor or outdoor according to our own needs, but for businesses, when opening playgrounds , will consider whether it is better to operate indoor amusement equipment or outdoor?

But judging from the area of u200bu200bplayground equipment, it is undoubtedly more advantageous to be outdoors. After all, the indoor space is limited, and too much playground equipment cannot be placed, and there is no need to worry about this problem outdoors, as long as you find a large A little venue can solve this problem, and the price is better for outdoor than indoor. After all, the cost of indoor venue is much more expensive than outdoor.

If you want to operate water playground equipment, then you can't consider indoors, because this kind of playground equipment will splash some water droplets, not only the ground will be troublesome to clean, but also the humidity in the air will be relatively high. , the potential hidden danger to the equipment is very big, the most important thing is that it is prone to leakage and other situations, but there will be no such situation outdoors, after all, the evaporation of moisture in the air circulation is very fast.

Of course, from the perspective of temperature, indoor playground equipment should be ranked in front of the outdoor again. The temperature can be controlled within a cool range in summer, and it can be controlled within a warm range in winter , this cannot be done for outdoor playground equipment, even if the weather is hotter, it cannot be effectively improved. Therefore, the indoor playground has obvious advantages under the temperature factor.

Of course, whether to choose to operate indoor amusement equipment or outdoor is still determined according to the actual situation. In some areas, the temperature is low all year round, of course, indoors are better. In some areas, it is like spring all year round. Of course, outdoor may be better, in addition to considering these factors In addition, there are many other factors, I hope this article can help you.
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