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Jinma Rides' LSM coaster Debuting at Sega Joypolis

Jinma Rides' LSM coaster Debuting at Sega Joypolis


Jinma rides’ first LSM coaster currently is going through commissioning at Sega Joypolis Guangzhou.It is expected to be completed and open to visitors very soon. 

The LSM coaster has a 482m track, featuring spirals, banked turns and a half-U run that penetrates the 14m-high upper floor. It comes with two trains. Each train composes of two spinning cars with each seated up to four persons.  Dubbed as Shockwave Riders, it is conceived by both Sega and Jinma design teams to bliss and thrill all coaster lovers. 

Other than conventional chainlift or fiction wheel launch, Jinma has used Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM) launch system for this coaster to save up limited indoor space for more elements and to minimize regular maintenance, otherwise required for other types of launch system. An LSM launch system uses electromagnetic force that propels the ride vehicle in the direction of travel. The system is able to regulate and control the magnitude of the force, making sure that the ride vehicle is launched at a designed speed. 

 For Shockwave Rides, Jinma designed two LSM launch zones. One is located at the foot of the half-U hill, with  the other installed within the Vortex Tunnel. These LSM launch systems are able to dispatch trains at a fast pace. 

 Jinma also used block systems in the coaster, which makes possible two trains running on the track. These block systems monitor and control the train’s position and speed within each block,  ensuring two  trains never collide. 

For the Sega Joypolis Guangzhou park, Jinma supplied and installed 13 rides, all well-engineered and elaborately themed.


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