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Universal Beijing Resort is Opening!

Universal Beijing Resort is Opening!


  On the 20th of September 2021, Universal Beijing Resort (UBR) is finally opened in Beijing. This is the first Universal theme park in China and by far the largest Universal theme park in the world.


  After waiting this long, Jinma Rides is proud to announce that we are the only amusement rides supplier in China to provide them with 3 sets of amusement rides, including: Family Roller Coaster (Loop-Dee Doop-Dee),  Self-control Plane (Super Swirly) and Wonder Lantern (Lanterns of Legendary Legends).

Jinma Rides family ride manufacturer

                                                                                                    (Loop- Dee Doop-Dee)

  The detail handling of the safety bar is a highlight of this attraction. The original step-less locking device of Jinma Rides can adapt to tourists with a height of 0.9m to 1.9m and a maximum weight of 136 kg. The added handrail device not only takes into account the comfort of adults, but also for the children to avoid touching their head. To achieve that, we have done more than 18000 repeated tests for the best results.


Jinma rides kiddie ride manufacturer                                                                                                              (Super Swirly)

  In the Minion Land theme park, Jinma supplied the Super Swirly ride, which is very popular attraction suitable for parent-child families. "Super Swirly" is the first 64 seats self-control airplane ride in China. It’s also one of the largest self-control airplane ride with the largest number of passengers in the world.


Jinma rides carnival ride manufacturers

                                                                                       (Lanterns of Legendary Legends)

  Lanterns of Legendary Legends is a gyro amusement ride integrating rotation and lifting movements. Traditional lanterns combine gorgeous lighting effects to give you a different amusement experience.


  In addition to the rides safety, Jinma Rides also pays more attention to the humanism design of the rides. Special seats for the disabled are added to the those rides provided to UBR to allow wheelchair access. Through repeated ergonomic tests, the details of seats and safety locking devices are kept improving. 


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