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Jinma's Largest LSM Coaster Made Its Debut In Sanya, China

Jinma's Largest LSM Coaster Made Its Debut In Sanya, China


    Jinma’s largest LSM Coaster by now--LSM Launch Coaster TSC-20A has been delivered and made its debut in Sanya Silk Road Paradise during the recent Spring Festival holidays.

    As the first roller coasters supplier who independently resolves electromagnetic drive technology for roller coasters in China, this LSM Coaster is Jinma’s another great masterpiece after the LSM Spinning Coaster in Guangzhou Sega Joypolis, and it marks a qualitative technological leap for Jinma Rides!

This attraction will catapult riders forward at the speed of up to 98 km/h on its 830m track. The LSM accelerates the train from 0 to 98 km/h within 4 seconds and thus enhances passengers’ riding experience. 

Apart from a powerful boost, the whole vehicle structure adopts the integrated molding technology -- no welds, safer, and easier to maintain! This new LSM launch coaster undoubtedly takes thrills to coaster enthusiasts worldwide!

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