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New Ride Debut | 128m Giant Wheel, Xiangtan Eye in China

New Ride Debut | 128m Giant Wheel, Xiangtan Eye in China


    Recently, the Xiangtan Eye in Wanlou Youth Wharf, specially designed by Jinma Rides for a landmark project--the highest Giant Wheel in Hunan Province, has opened and also received a booming response from the public, realizing a new leap in Wanlou Youth Wharf attraction.

The red Xiangtan Eye stands 128m tall on the banks of the XiangJia River, echoing the ancient Ming Dynasty monument Wanlou, forming a unique landscape that blends ancient and modern elements. Covering an area of around 1.3 hectares, the Xiangtan Eye, equipped with 40 cabins, is available for 252 people for sightseeing at the same time.

Two innovative technological solutions have been applied by Jinma to ensure the comfort and safety of the Giant Wheel. The servo leveling technology of the gondola enable each gondola to be always in a horizontal state during operation, which greatly improves the smoothness of the gondola when bearing wind load. Besides, the independent operation program of the dual drive system makes the wheel enhance the safety redundancy so that no risk of high-altitude rescue in case of emergencies occurs.

As a great and iconic installation, the Xiangtan Eye is the perfect solution for  children's curiosity, a romantic holy land for couples to confess, and a happy fortress for families to enjoy the scenery. Stay tuned to Jinma Rides for more attractive Giant Wheels, including the ones to be delivered this year, in United States, Brazil, Malaysia, China, etc!

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