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Maintenance of children's play equipment, equipment life is longer

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-08
Maintenance of children's play equipment, equipment life is longer

2021/9/24 10:55:18

Maintenance of children's play equipment, the equipment life is longer, first of all, the installation of children's play equipment:

 Since the installation of small amusement equipment does not involve problems, the installation is not strict, as long as the personnel who know the technology can install it; the installation of large amusement equipment is relatively high, so it must be installed by personnel. These installers Manufacturers must also have relevant installation licenses, and installation personnel must be trained by relevant departments before they can work. 

 Secondly, the maintenance of children's play equipment:

 First of all, the machine should be regularly treated for rust prevention. Secondly, the motor should be oiled frequently to reduce internal friction. After that, personnel should be regularly inspected to reduce damage to parts.

The above-mentioned knowledge about children's play equipment that we have brought to you, I hope it will be of some help to you. The arrival of children's play equipment has enhanced our childhood so that even when we grow up, it's fun to recall, especially when we're with our parents.
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