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Manufacturers of amusement park equipment in Guangdong

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-04
Manufacturers of amusement park equipment in Guangdong

2021/9/26 5:35:41

With the progress of society, the improvement of production level, and the prosperity of tourism, the manufacturers of amusement park equipment in Guangdong have developed a lot of amusement park equipment manufacturers, but how many are the manufacturers of amusement park equipment?

Manufacturers of amusement park equipment need to have: large-scale production sites, advanced research and development capabilities, innovative equipment, professional production personnel, responsible sales personnel, excellent after-sales service, etc. The above is just the tip of the iceberg. The manufacturers that can really show the production of amusement park equipment will strongly recommend customers to come to the factory for on-site inspection.

There are not many manufacturers of amusement park equipment in Guangdong that can do the above-mentioned manufacturers, but one company has won the opinion of customers many times with its own strength and business purpose. It is 'Golden Horse Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.'.

Jinma Amusement is a manufacturer that produces and develops large-scale mechanical amusement equipment. It has more than 10 years of experience in R&D and production. It involves many types of amusement equipment: bumper car amusement equipment, rail sliding amusement equipment, sightseeing car amusement equipment, automatic control aircraft amusement equipment, rotating amusement equipment. amusement equipment. The series of flying tower amusement equipment and bouncing amusement equipment are rich.

Jinma Amusement has an independent amusement equipment R&D and production company and a garden landscape design and construction company, which can provide one-stop garden construction services for playgrounds, also known as playground turnkey services!

Jinma Amusement, a manufacturer of amusement park equipment in Guangdong, has a large-scale rural theme park invested by itself, a comprehensive holiday park integrating playgrounds, expansion bases, dormitory vacations and many other projects. It has solid tourism project operation experience and welcomes on-site inspections.
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