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Masan Robotland is Opening!

Masan Robotland is Opening!


Masan Robot Land Amusement Theme Park, in the southern city of Korea, was opened to public successfully on September 6, 2019, attracting thousands of visitors. Jinma Rides was invited as a valuable guest to witness the grand opening. Now let’s go around the park and take an experience of these fairytale rides now.   


The most eye-catching ride in the park is the 65-meter high tower. 28 seats around the tower, with the rotating column slowly rising, visitors will have a spectacular vision of the space reaching a height of 65 m, the sea and the city in the eye. Under the safety control of magnetic pads brake system, the cabin suddenly falls from the height of 65 meters to the bottom of the tower, with the scream and laughter of visitors.


  The magnificent appearance and bright lights of the carousel attract many visitors. Each horse is exquisite and shining, sitting on its back, and the horse goes up and down smoothly, which makes visitors imagine galloping in the mythical castle.



After taking the carousel, let’s go to take a very thrilling and exciting ride, Viking (Captain Roko) . Boarding from the platform, visitors will sit under the protection of the security compression with lock properly. “Viking” starts running from slow to fast – Visitors can enjoy the experience, which is like sailing in strong winds and waves; sometimes it soars to the peak, sometimes it falls to the bottom.


   Perhaps you are still immersed in the turbulent waves, and the mood can not be calm. Let’s take our family to experience some good family rides. Space Shuttle is very popular for its new and beautiful image, colorful lightings, and the exciting acoustics effect. Visitors fly in aircraft-like cabins and interact with their family or friends in front of them through buttons configured in the aircraft.



Seated in the cup cabin, visitors could enjoy the fun of different movements. There are 3 small turntables in one big turntable and 3 rotating cups in each small turntable. Rotating cup is rotating around its own central axis as well as the center of small turntable. At the same time the small turntables go around the center of big turntable.



Two or one visitors seated in one Bumper Car and play in groups will be a very interesting game.


Now we will go to play some very exciting and interesting rides. First we will play the Chute Ride, the only one water ride in the park. Visitors will be shipped to a ramp up to the height of 15 meters, travelled along the channel to and stop at the top, then slide down into a big pool at the bottom with big splash. There is a sightseeing platform before down ramp. When the splash hits visitors on the platform, they will feel very happy.



We will take one smaller tower ride more, Spinning Drop Tower and one classic ride, Twister which are closed to the Chute Ride. Seated in the cabin, the visitors will rotates up to a distance, and go down. The action will go back for several times. Visitors will experience a series of coherent movements from weightlessness to deceleration to rebound, and fully experiencing the joy of this coherent jump.



With the new and beautiful appearance, wonderful color lights decoration, twister attracts many visitors. Visitors will have an excellent experience of rotary and up-down actions at the same time.



   Date your friends or family and go to Masan Robot Land theme park and experience all Golden Horse  Rides here. You will have a wonderful journey. 

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