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Ride Proposals by Jinma Reviewed and Passed

Ride Proposals by Jinma Reviewed and Passed


   Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Guangdong organized and hosted two sessions of technological achievement review in Zhongshan City. The reviews were focused on "Key Technologies Research and Industrial Application of Tilting Roller Coaster" and "Research, Development and Industrial Application of Self-driving Immersive Amusement Rides". Both of the researches were carried out by R&D team of Jinma Rides. 

    At the meeting, the review panel heard the report of the Jinma’s project team, reviewed relevant technical information, and conducted on-site inspection of the prototypes at the show room. After deliberation, the review panel gave a green light to the two applications and agreed unanimously that the proposals have reached the international level and will have valuable economic and social benefits.  

  Jinma has applied these two tehcnical proposals in several projects at large theme parks and amusement parks across the country.


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