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Matters needing attention when playing amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-02-12
Matters needing attention when playing amusement equipment

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Before going to play park amusement equipment, understanding the following content can better help you play, modern amusement equipment is becoming more and more interesting and exciting, so the amusement park will attract a large number of tourists to play before the holidays . So, what should be paid attention to when playing amusement equipment?

1. In autumn, the temperature difference between day and night is large, so pay attention to adding clothes. If you are playing with amusement equipment in the playground, you must be careful not to play too much. Some people, especially children and young people, have fun. When the amount of activity is relatively large, it is easy to sweat. At this time, it is best not to go to the air-conditioned room to blow the air conditioner immediately, so as to avoid catching a cold.

2. There are many park amusement equipment in the park playground, but we should pay attention that these amusement equipment are not all suitable for play, especially for children. Therefore, you must carefully read the passenger instructions and precautions before playing. You must do what you can according to your physical conditions. It is best not to play if it is not suitable for you. If you have not reached the premise of age or height, do not ride on stimulating amusement equipment. , especially those with high blood pressure and heart diseases, should be more cautious.

3. Before playing the amusement equipment, especially the large amusement equipment, we must pay attention to observe whether the amusement equipment has the nameplate issued by the Quality Inspection Bureau, and the description without the nameplate has not been inspected by the security inspection department. Play is strictly prohibited. In addition, it is best to pay attention to whether the amusement equipment to be played has open solder joints and whether the cockpit is loose. Although each amusement equipment is maintained by dedicated staff, it is inevitable to ensure your own safety when there are missed inspections and carelessness, which is the basic premise of happy play.

4. In addition, when playing with amusement equipment, for your own safety, you must abide by the play order. Do not bring keys, bags, glasses, cameras and other easily-falling items on your body and into the cockpit; during the operation of the amusement equipment, do not extend any parts of your body such as hands, arms, and feet out of the cockpit, and do not untie them without permission Seat belts, open the safety bar; obey the instructions of the staff, get up and down in order, sit firmly and support, and must not enter the isolation area without authorization.

The above is the knowledge you need to know before playing the park amusement equipment, I believe it can help you.
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