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Matters needing attention when riding various large amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-10-20
Matters needing attention when riding various large amusement equipment

2021/9/26 3:29:18

When riding various large amusement equipment, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Follow the instructions of the service staff: Passengers get on and off in accordance with the order of the staff. When getting on and off, please pay attention to the head and feet to prevent bumping or bumping.
Pay attention to fasten the belt: don't grab it before the amusement equipment is stopped, fasten the belt when riding, and check whether it is reliable. When running, please hold the handle or other equipment with both hands, and the belt must not be unfastened.

Do not extend your body parts out of the cabin: When passengers take the rides, they should sit upright on the seat, do not move, and do not extend their limbs, heads, and other parts out of the cabin to prevent bumps, scratches, and bruises. .Do not intentionally shake the cockpit, and it is strictly forbidden for passengers to open the cabin door without permission.
Take care of your own items: During operation, you should keep your own items properly, and do not scatter, throw, or simply fall decorations, etc. Please take them off and hand them over to the staff for safekeeping.
Don't panic in the event of an accident: when the large amusement equipment is in operation, when there is a power outage, etc., do not get off the car before the staff tell you, only in the cockpit, waiting for emergency rescue.
When riding a racing car or go-kart, you should be careful: do not wear a coat, a long scarf, or have long hair or braids when riding a racing car or go-kart, otherwise you are at risk.
Pay attention to the inspection qualification symbol: According to the national regulations, the regular inspection period of the amusement machines and amusement equipment in use is one year. For the amusement equipment that passes the inspection, the quality and technical supervision department will issue the inspection qualification symbol, and paste it in the eye-catching place of the amusement equipment. Tourists should not ride uninspected, unqualified or overdue amusement equipment.
Pay attention to the instructions for riding: There are 'passenger instructions' installed in the eye-catching places of the amusement equipment. You must read them carefully before riding, and do not go over the gate. Before boarding, passengers must wait outside the gate, and queue up when there are many people. Never go over the gate.

Amusement must ensure amusement. Modern large-scale amusement equipment has a variety of complex, various structures and sports types, the standard size is very different, and the appearance and appearance are different.
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