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Most of the accidents of children's play equipment come from the neglect of the operators

by:Jinma Rides     2022-10-07
Most of the accidents of children's play equipment come from the neglect of the operators

2021/9/22 8:47:34

Due to the rising incidence of children's play equipment accidents, the state's management of children's play equipment manufacturers has become more stringent. Now the price of children's play equipment is increasing, mainly because the inspection procedure of a qualified children's play equipment product is given to the children's play equipment itself. Added a lot of money. It is also possible that such an increase in price will bring a lot of resistance to the development of children's play equipment. The launch of a new product requires a lot of cost. This year, there are still children's play equipment accidental failures. In fact, sometimes it is really not from children's play equipment manufacturers. The problem is the negligence of the operator. Therefore, as a qualified operator, you need to pay attention to:

1. Pay attention to the identification of amusement equipment: when you go to the playground or park to play, you will see that some children's amusement equipment is not allowed to play, but in some playgrounds, the height threshold is useless, and it is used by tourists and children's amusement equipment operators. ignore. Play must be considered a premise. If there is no guarantee and there is no need to take risks, the 'height threshold' must be abided by. Children's amusement equipment users can draw the height standard line in advance, and they can play only if they meet the height requirements, and do not let tourists play if they do not meet the height requirements.

2. Strengthen supervision and punishment: The reason why the 'height threshold' of children's amusement equipment is ignored is because of poor supervision and lack of strong punishment. This not only brings many problems to children's amusement equipment operators, but also brings many problems to children's amusement equipment manufacturers. Children's amusement equipment manufacturers do not want to see an accident with a good piece of equipment.

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