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Quality assurance of family ride
Since established, Guangdong Jinma Entertainment Corp., Ltd. has been fighting on the way of leveling product quality while ensuring a high qualification ratio. We maintain a high level of supply chain visibility. Throughout the whole production process from raw materials sourcing, raw materials processing, to quality inspection, each employee is familiar with the corresponding process and takes full responsibilities of their duties. The prerequisite of ensuring product quality is adopting reliable raw materials which play an important role in the on-going production process and long-term service life of the products. Our raw materials suppliers are the partners who have been known to be famous and trustworthy.
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With stable quality and price, Jinma is the preferred manufacturer for immersive rides. kiddie rides produced by Jinma is very popular in the market. Jinma Rides theme park dark ride is manufactured under strict workmanship standards. For example, its creep-age distance is inspected and undergoes rigorous test so as to guarantee users' safety. This product has some referential value as it has a reasonable design. .
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We strive for sustainable development. We are encouraging each and every employee to change their ways of thinking by organizing social challenge workshops to brainstorm the creation of new businesses and new products that are driven by the need to solve social issues.

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