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Safety maintenance of children's amusement equipment must be in place

by:Jinma Rides     2022-01-07

  Children’s amusement equipment is the most basic and critical part of the operation of the park. In order to prevent problems with children’s amusement equipment, hidden dangers in children’s play safety, and to extend the use time of amusement equipment, operators should maintain the amusement equipment regularly.
   Then, what is the daily maintenance of children's playground equipment, the following Jinma will explain to you several aspects of daily maintenance equipment.
  The most important thing in the children’s park is to stay healthy. Many children play with extremely dirty equipment every day, so operators should pay attention to daily hygiene and cleaning.
  Keep the surface of the equipment clean. If you find any foreign matter on the surface of the equipment, you should clean it up immediately to prevent children from being scratched while playing. Only by using clean, hygienic and safe amusement equipment, parents are more willing to take their children to play in the park.
  二. Shaft Maintenance
   There are a lot of electric rotating equipment in children's playground equipment, and many of these equipment need to be lubricated.
   Because these places rotate many times a day, they are most prone to malfunctions. Therefore, it is best for operators to check once a day within 1-2 months to do a good job of lubrication and maintenance to improve the service life of the equipment.
   3. Screw welding repair
   Each set of amusement equipment has various screw welding positions to fix the stability of each bracket to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Once one of them has a problem, a safety accident may occur.
   Therefore, the operator should regularly check whether the equipment screws are loose, whether there are oxidation deformations and cracks in the welding interface position, if this happens, they should be dealt with or suspended immediately.
  4. Wire repair
  Many amusement equipment has a service life, such as the use of a period of time will cause aging problems.
   Therefore, during daily maintenance, the most important thing for operators is to check whether the equipment and other lines are aging and leaking, and whether it is necessary to stop using and replace lines immediately to prevent safety accidents.
   The daily maintenance and maintenance of children's playground equipment is very important. If any loose or damaged equipment needs to be repaired or replaced in time, only safe and innovative children's playgrounds can be loved by more children's parents.
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