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Specific classification of amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-21
Specific classification of amusement equipment

2022/6/21 2:35:05

Amusement equipment refers to equipment that can provide amusement and play. Amusement equipment is a new project carefully designed for the naughty characteristics of children. Its novel concept, unique overall shape and scientific and technological content integrate jumping, climbing, drilling, sliding, swinging, rolling, rocking and other multi-functional comprehensive amusement facilities.

Amusement equipment is mainly classified according to the structure and movement form, that is, the amusement equipment with similar structure and movement form is classified into one category, rather than the name of the amusement equipment. Each type of amusement equipment is named after a common representative amusement equipment, which is the basic type. For example, 'carousel type amusement equipment', with 'carousel horse' as the basic type, and amusement equipment similar in structure and movement form to 'carousel horse' belong to the 'carousel type'.

According to the current variety of amusement equipment, it is divided into 15 categories, namely carousel, scooter, gyro, flying tower, racing car, self-controlled aircraft, sightseeing car, small train, overhead sightseeing car, Water rides, bumper cars, battery cars, bungee jumping, slides, ziplines.

1. Carousel rides

Structural movement characteristics: The cockpit is installed on a turntable or a support arm, and rotates around a vertical axis or an inclined axis, or swings slightly while rotating around the vertical axis.

Amusement facilities in which the cockpit revolves around a vertical axis or an inclined axis: carousel, whirlwind, wave rolling pearl, lotus cup, moon rocket, coffee cup, rolling cabin, mud ball, small plane (the cockpit does not lift), Dumbo ( The cockpit does not lift) and various small rotating amusement machines for children to play.

While rotating around the vertical axis, there are small swinging amusement facilities: space vehicle, big caterpillar, big apple machine, etc.

2. Scooter amusement equipment

Structural movement characteristics: the vehicle itself has no power, and after being lifted to a certain height by the lifting device, it runs along the track by inertia; or the vehicle itself has power and runs on a track with large fluctuations.

Such as: roller coaster, crazy mouse, sliding dragon, torrent, meniscus, mine car, etc.

3. Top amusement facilities

Structural movement characteristics: The cockpit rotates around the axis of variable inclination, and the main shaft is mostly installed on the liftable boom.

Such as: top, double flying, brave man turntable, flying arm, rugby and so on.

4. Flying tower amusement facilities

Structural movement characteristics: The suspended pods perform rotary motion while lifting and lowering, and the pods are hung with flexible parts.

Such as: flying tower, air swivel chair, PHS, observation tower, gliding wing, frog jump, sounding shuttle, etc.

5. Racing rides

Structural movement characteristics: run along the designated line on the ground.

Such as: racing cars, small sports cars, high-speed racing cars.

6. Self-controlled aircraft amusement facilities

Structural movement characteristics: The passenger part rotates around the central axis and performs lifting movements, and the passenger part is mostly installed on the slewing arm.

Such as: self-control plane, self-control flying saucer, goldfish playing in water, octopus, sea, land and air, wave swing.

Amusement machines with lifting and swinging multi-dimensional motions, such as time and space shuttles, dynamic movie platforms.

7. Sightseeing car rides

Structural movement characteristics: the passenger part rotates or swings around the horizontal axis.

Such as: viewing car, windmill, spaceship, pirate ship, flying carpet, meteor hammer, space travel, etc.

8. Small train rides

Structural movement characteristics: running along the ground track

Such as: small train, dragon car, animal play car, monkey carrying sedan chair, etc.

9. Overhead tour bus rides

Structural movement characteristics: running along the overhead track.

Such as: overhead bicycles, sky trains.

10. Water rides

Structural movement characteristics: facilities for amusement with the help of water.

Such as: water slides, water roaming, canyon rafting, bumper boats, cruise ships, water bicycles, water ziplines, wave pools and various amusement pools.

11. Bumper car rides

Structural movement characteristics: Driven by electricity, internal combustion engine or human power, and the passengers operate by themselves. Collision in a fixed field.

Such as: electric bumper cars, battery bumper cars, high trucks, etc.

12. Battery car amusement machine

Structural movement characteristics: powered by batteries, it runs on the ground, and is generally operated by passengers themselves, suitable for children to ride.

13. Bungee jumping class

Structural movement characteristics: The use of elastic ropes is an amusement facility in which the cockpit is catapulted to a high altitude or a person jumps down from a high altitude.
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