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Suggestions on Strengthening the Supervision of Small Children's Play Equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-10-01
Suggestions on Strengthening the Supervision of Small Children's Play Equipment

2021/9/22 8:49:27

Children are the 'flowers' and future of the motherland, as well as the 'heart treasures' of every family. With the improvement of people's living standards, parents are putting a lot of effort into the growth of children. Not only eat well, sleep well, educate well, but also play well. In terms of how to 'play well', businessmen seem to sense business opportunities, so all kinds of indoor and outdoor children's play equipment came into being and became popular, becoming a good place for children's entertainment and leisure. However, behind the booming business of amusement parks, there are many hygienic and hidden problems that are worrying. The main performances are:

1. Public health issues. In order to attract customers, some businesses have set up children's play equipment in shopping malls, but most of these indoor places are not well ventilated, the air is very turbid, and most of the toys are made of rubber and non-plastic products, which are easy to contaminate and dust, and businesses do not Regular washing directly increases the chances of children contracting respiratory and skin diseases. After some equipment has been used for a period of time, it is not given in time, and the management of the amusement park is not in place. Some children have symptoms such as eczema and pink eye after playing, which brings a series of health risks.

2. Hidden problems. There have been many reports of children being injured while playing in amusement parks. The superficial reason is that the equipment lacks standards, the management is subcontracted at various levels, the responsible body is unknown, and the root cause is the lack of supervision. Due to the lack of laws and regulations in the supervision of indoor small amusement equipment in my country, the quality supervision department usually only supervises large-scale amusement equipment; the cultural law enforcement department only has the responsibility of supervising the game machines in indoor amusement places; the urban management department only supervises the street amusement equipment. Supervise whether the equipment occupies public space, disturbs residents and pollutes the environment. Therefore, there is still a blind spot for the supervision of small amusement equipment, making them the object of 'three noes'. The problem of whether there are hidden dangers in amusement equipment is often ignored, resulting in the problem of regulatory disconnection.

In summary, the following suggestions are made on how to strengthen the supervision of small children's play equipment:

1. The system of laws and regulations, to clarify the main body of supervision. In view of the current situation of legal supervision blind spots in small children's playgrounds and the practical needs of law enforcement supervision, it is necessary to give feedback to the legislature at an appropriate time, and when seeking amendments to relevant laws and regulations, further terms and rules, from the institutional level of laws and regulations, for children's playgrounds. The business behavior is put on shackles to prevent the occurrence of illegal and illegal business operations. At the same time, the supervisory body should be clarified, and a joint meeting may be established to clarify the supervisory body for unified management. Or lead by government departments, set up industry associations, formulate relevant provisions and promote the establishment of an accountability system to improve the level of operation.

2. Introduce the compliance system to improve the awareness of law-abiding. It can follow the catering hygiene standard system, and regularly evaluate the content, sanitation and other items of children's playgrounds; it can also implement the franchise approval system, according to the site area, the number of service personnel, the configuration of fire-fighting equipment, the health level of employees and other standards. Form an entry threshold, thereby banning some places that do not meet the conditions. At the same time, strengthen administrative guidance, publicize relevant laws and regulations to operators, ensure that operators know the law, understand the law, abide by the law, and consciously draw a clear line from illegal and illegal business operations that violate the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, such as the overlord clause. Operators are required to strengthen management and ensure service quality in the process of operation, so as to ensure that children and children have a safe and secure play experience.
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