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Understand the four major misunderstandings of indoor amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2021-08-11
In recent years, the number of indoor amusement equipment has gradually increased, and people are increasingly looking for amusement equipment with larger areas and better equipment. However, not every indoor children's playground is popular. So why?
1. Thinking of a competitive weapon, blindly expanding the area, but lacking a strong layout plan.
Expanding the business area is a choice, but with the help of a professional design company, a reasonable layout of the floor efficiency must be carried out to give full play to the space. , Facade, improve floor efficiency. This kind of expansion is a powerful expansion, otherwise it will be swollen.
2. The amusement content is just silly and lacks competitive differentiation.
Connecting with a well-known cultural image of children is a very effective way to differentiate children’s playgrounds from competitors and quickly increase their visibility. More importantly, by digging into the social and personality manifestation carried by the cultural image, and letting children feel novel, happy, and subtle in the process of amusement, this difference will become the real playground in the competition. Separate from competitors, so that competitors can not catch up, and at the same time to bring the ultimate model of the most perfect shopping experience for children customers. It is hoped that local children's amusement companies that have realized the connection with cultural images will do more in-depth exploration in this area, which will surely become the fundamental way for children's amusement companies to grow. 3. The membership policy is just to buy more discounts and lack customer retention.
Member operation is a very good solution to increase customer retention. However, due to limited understanding and mastery of membership technology, children’s playgrounds have basically not successfully operated the membership system.
4. Hidden engineering wiring, regardless of equipment update requirements, new equipment is difficult to update
After the playground construction is completed, few operators will pay attention to keeping an accurate hidden engineering construction drawing, of course it is more No wiring reservation is made in the design. As a result, if the equipment is updated, only equipment that is similar to the original equipment can be updated, which will inevitably greatly reduce the marketing effect and customer experience effect brought by the amusement park equipment update. Therefore, when designing amusement parks, operators should invest a part of the cost for the convenience of future equipment updates to reserve for wiring reconstruction. This part of the investment is very worthwhile. The future equipment transformation does not need to be closed, and any specifications and power requirements can be carried out. This will save a lot of cost and new equipment marketing will become the highlight of stage marketing, which becomes a good reason for gathering customers.
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