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What are the advantages and disadvantages of large amusement equipment and small amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2021-08-25
There are many types of amusement equipment, including large, medium, and small equipment. Each type of equipment has its own advantages and disadvantages, but nowadays, most people play large-scale amusement equipment. , People feel that it is meaningless to play with small devices. Speaking of large-scale equipment, the first thing people think of are roller coasters, pendulums, pirate ships, and merry-go-rounds. When operating an amusement park, must they buy various styles of equipment, whether it is large or small, as long as it can attract amusement? device of. So what is the difference between large-scale equipment and small-scale equipment, and what are the advantages and disadvantages? Next, let's follow the amusement equipment to understand. The advantage of large-scale amusement equipment is that it is exciting, eye-catching and suitable for young people to play. Tourists who want to experience the excitement from the playground are relatively large-scale equipment, because this kind of amusement equipment is relatively more exciting than small and medium-sized. Amusement equipment, and lost in the amusement park or can not find interesting items, this time large equipment comes in handy, because the characteristics of large equipment is large, so it is easy to make us feel very happy, to the vision and mind and body A sense of shock. The disadvantage is the styling. Amusement equipment such as roller coasters and pendulums are common in major amusement parks. Therefore, it is easy to make people visually fatigued if you see too much, but compared to other amusement equipment, it can still bring a good deal to dealers. Income. The advantage of small amusement equipment is that there are many kinds, and the colors are also very bright, and the shapes are also various. Children can easily be stopped by these colorful and naive dolls to make tourists have fun in the playground. .   But the disadvantage of small devices is that they carry a relatively small number of passengers, which is not very optimistic for revenue and profitability.   Nowadays, for many large-scale children's amusement equipment, especially in the use or selection of amusement stages, the intellectual development provided for children is also relatively good. So, gradually looking at these aspects, the technological advantages of the equipment, brand-new in these aspects have brought us trustworthy characteristics.
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