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What are the large playground equipment?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-24
What are the large playground equipment?

2021/9/24 4:31:46

This problem is very broad. There are many large-scale amusement equipment. From the definition, large-scale amusement equipment refers to the equipment used for business purposes and carrying passengers for amusement according to the definition of the 'Regulations on the Supervision of Special Equipment'. The operating linear speed is greater than or equal to 2m/s, or the operating height is higher than or equal to 2m from the ground. Instance-wise: things like roller coasters, blazing windmills, Brave Wheels, Challenger tours...and many, many more.

What are the large playground equipment? Pictures of large playground equipment:

Four Rings Roller Coaster_Roller Coaster Manufacturer Supply

Rapid Windmill_Large Amusement Equipment

42m Ferris Wheel_Ferris Wheel Amusement Equipment_Amusement Equipment Manufacturer

Skydiving Tower_Flying Tower_Large Amusement Equipment
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