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What are the measures for the operation of new amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-02-23
What are the measures for the operation of new amusement equipment

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The normal operation of the new amusement equipment can bring many benefits to the amusement park and friends who play amusement, but once there is a problem, there will be a lot of trouble, then in today's increasingly developing amusement industry, the safety of the amusement park and the amusement The normal operation of facilities has become a concern of more and more operators and customers. So, in order to prevent the failure of the facility, what measures are needed to ensure the normal operation of the facility and the safety of tourists and facilities? Today, I will summarize the following eight measures to ensure the normal operation of your children's amusement facilities.

1. Establish a sound safety maintenance management system, and the maintenance personnel shall maintain the facility according to the work flow.

Maintenance personnel must undergo strict training before taking up their posts. It is necessary to select some maintenance personnel with high quality and strong sense of responsibility to maintain the facilities;

2. Establish a complete facility file.

You can consult some important data at any time to avoid mistakes in maintenance and improve the efficiency of maintenance.

3. Establish a facility safety evaluation system. Make a scientific evaluation of the safety of the facility.

Establish a facility safety risk assessment system. Through facility safety assessment, managers and maintenance personnel can have a full understanding of the risk sources of the facility.

4. Establish a complete facility inspection process to safely and reliably complete the daily, weekly, and monthly annual inspection of the facility and the usual maintenance work.

During the daily maintenance of the facility, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection and replace the parts that should be replaced, so as not to leave any hidden troubles to the facility.

5. Establish emergency rescue plan.

The most dangerous state that may be caused by the failure should be analyzed in advance, and then the best rescue plan should be formulated.

It can improve the management level of new amusement equipment managers; it can improve the quality of maintenance personnel and improve the efficiency of troubleshooting; it can be used as a training course for maintenance personnel to improve the maintenance level of maintenance personnel; it can effectively focus on inspection and attention in advance , to eliminate hidden troubles and protect the safety of tourists; it can provide real and effective data for management's scientific decision-making.
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