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What are the playground equipment suitable for park operation?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-11
What are the playground equipment suitable for park operation?

2021/9/23 12:22:00

What are the playground equipment suitable for park management? First of all, we must look at what kind of park the investor wants to build and choose the playground equipment suitable for park management.

There are many kinds of playground equipment, such as: outdoor large circular roller coaster, pirate ship, Shenzhou flying saucer, big pendulum, Ferris wheel, high-altitude flying, etc.; small and medium-sized family roller coaster, disco carousel, merry-go-round, Hot Wheels, Shark Island etc.; children's sightseeing car, air bus, mini speeding car, ice and snow roller coaster, small pendulum, mini shuttle, etc.; there are also water torrents, big sprints, flying boat surfing, glass slides, etc.

If investors want to build a parent-child + water park park amusement environment, then Jinma Xiaobian recommends investors to buy: bumper cars, fire fighting vehicles, spray ball vehicles, flying in the air, Xiaoba in the Tianshan Mountains, dazzling water, High-altitude moon watching, space walk, fierce battle on Shark Island, glass slide, rapids, big sprint, flying boat surfing, etc. The above are only suggestions. If you need more related amusement equipment, please contact the editor.

If you want to create a colorful park amusement environment, the editor of Golden Horse will tell you: spinning space shuttle, W-shaped flying car, interstellar flying saucer, laser chase car, xx swing, sea-sky Ferris wheel, 6-person Shenzhou surfing, whirlwind flying chair, spinning Tea cups, battery bumper cars, luxury carousel, overturned rivers and seas, technological flight, interstellar travel, etc. The playground equipment mentioned above is not only novel and unique in gameplay, but also unique in appearance. If you need to obtain related equipment videos, you can call Golden Horse Amusement 24-hour free service hotline .

In fact, to build a park, it is very important to invest in suitable playground equipment and choose the right playground equipment manufacturer to cooperate with. You must not blindly follow the trend. Choosing the equipment suitable for your own park construction is the key. Investors who need park planning and design can also contact us. The Park Cube Design Park under the Golden Horse Amusement Group adheres to the design concept and operation guidance provided for you.
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