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What are the riding methods of amusement equipment manufacturers?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-02-20
What are the riding methods of amusement equipment manufacturers?

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Now small amusement equipment is very popular, so what aspects should amusement equipment manufacturers invest in small amusement equipment?

First of all, the selection of small children's playground venues is very important, and has an absolute impact on the income of future operators. Therefore, small children's playgrounds are best selected in areas with intensive commercial activities, dense population and passenger flow. Centers, crowd gathering areas, etc. Most of the successful cases of small playgrounds are opened near large shopping malls, supermarkets, and squares.

Secondly, investment in small children's playgrounds. The investment in playgrounds is related to personal ability, consumption level, venue location, and children's age group. It depends on how large a playground you want to open. There is a lot of investment in second-tier cities, and the location of playgrounds in the city center or suburbs will also affect investment.

Finally, the main thing is the publicity of playgrounds. Small children's playgrounds must do a good job of early publicity, and use a variety of publicity methods to advertise them among the surrounding people, such as advertisements, brochures, text messages, and cash. Vouchers, coupons, gifts, group activities, etc. Friends who are interested in opening a small children's playground are welcome to communicate in depth.

1. Pay attention to the instructions for riding: 'Guidelines for passengers' are installed in the eye-catching places of the amusement facilities. Please read them carefully before riding, and do not climb over the fence. Passengers must wait outside the safety fence before boarding. When there are many people, line up and do not climb over the fence.

2. Children should be accompanied by their parents: children are not allowed to ride the amusement facilities alone.

3. Follow the instructions of the service staff: Passengers go up and down according to the instructions of the staff. When getting on and off, please pay attention to your head and feet to avoid bumping or falling.

4. Pay attention to fasten the safety belt: Do not grab the ride before the ride is stopped, fasten the safety belt when riding, and check whether it is safe and reliable. Please hold the safety handle or other safety belt with both hands when running. device, the seat belt must not be unfastened.

5. Do not extend your body parts out of the cabin: When passengers take the amusement facilities, they should sit upright on the seat, do not move around, and must not extend their limbs, head, and other parts out of the cabin, so as not to touch Wounds, scratches, scrapes. Do not intentionally shake the cabin, and passengers are strictly prohibited from opening the cabin door without authorization.

6. Pay attention to keeping your own items: During operation, you should keep your own items properly, and do not scatter, throw, or easily fall decorations, etc., please take them off afterwards.

7. Don't be alarmed in the event of an unexpected event: When the amusement facilities are in operation, if there is a power failure or other fault, do not get out of the car without the staff's attention, as long as it is the safest in the cabin, and look forward to emergency relief.

8. Be careful when riding a racing car or go-kart: Do not wear a coat, a long scarf, long hair or long braids when riding a racing car or go-kart, otherwise it is risky.

9. Amusement equipment manufacturers should prevent accidents in the water entertainment: in the surrounding pools and wave pools, be careful not to extend your head to the places where the water intake and spout are located to prevent accidents.
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