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What are the suitable venues for investing in children's play equipment?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-11
What are the suitable venues for investing in children's play equipment?

2021/9/25 9:16:55

1. The play area of ​​children's amusement equipment in parks or playgrounds, if it is a mature park or playground, the supporting facilities are already very good. There are also many users who operate children's amusement equipment. The rent of the venue here will definitely be relatively high. However, due to the operation for many years, the types of children's amusement equipment are relatively complete, and there are certain user groups to play, so it is one of the venues. If it is a newly developed park or playground, first consider the scale of the nearby living area and the number of nearby businesses. First of all, the rent of the newly developed site is cheap. If the potential development momentum in the vicinity is relatively good, it is also very worthwhile to start.

2. The interior or square of a comprehensive shopping mall. This kind of mall is generally a comprehensive shopping mall that integrates eating, drinking, entertainment and shopping. Therefore, the flow of people to consume is relatively large, and some even have a separate floor for children, which is indoor. Selected from outside children's playground equipment. Many people don’t see the potential development power of the outer plazas of such shopping malls. In fact, the outer plazas are even easier to attract people than the inner ones, because whether it is eating, drinking, entertainment or shopping, they must pass through the plazas, and the venue here is also a good choice.

3. Living quarters or kindergartens. There are a large number of fixed and target groups gathered here. First of all, the living area is related to people's daily life. It is more convenient for people to go out to play than to play in parks or playgrounds. The surrounding venues of kindergartens are even more popular, because the main consumers of children's play equipment are children, and it is also a very good choice to find children's play equipment venues around the kindergarten.
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