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What do you need to do in daily operation of amusement equipment?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-27

What do you need to do in the daily operation of new amusement equipment? Before each operation of the new amusement equipment, the staff must carefully check the equipment and not be careless to ensure safe operation.
Generally speaking, it is better to inspect the new amusement equipment three times a day, in three time periods, namely early, middle and late. More frequent inspections can better inspect the safety performance of the new amusement equipment, and let the new amusement equipment security can be better guaranteed.
1. Before the new amusement equipment starts business in the morning, it is necessary to inspect the safety measures of the new amusement equipment, whether the installation is firm and other safety performances to ensure safety.
2. When the staff of the new amusement equipment is handed over at noon, an inspection is also required. In order not to delay the tourists' play work, the inspection time is usually shorter.
3. After the new amusement equipment has completed a day of operation, we need to clean and maintain the new amusement equipment. The fault inspection of the new amusement equipment is also a very important part of the maintenance work.
4. For the parts of children's entertainment facilities, dispatch special personnel to lubricate regularly, so as to reduce the occurrence of equipment wear and tear;
5. Reasonable installation is also very important. If there is an error in the installation of the parts of the children's entertainment facility, it will easily lead to wear and tear;
6. If the cleanliness of children's entertainment facilities is relatively low, then it will also cause wear and tear due to pollution.
In summary, when running new amusement equipment every day, we must do the above-mentioned precautions. Good inspection, maintenance and maintenance work can make the new amusement equipment operate more safely and avoid equipment failures. situation happens.
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