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What factors should be paid attention to when installing stainless steel slides

by:Jinma Rides     2022-01-29
What factors should be paid attention to when installing stainless steel slides

(1) Amusement equipment manufacturers remind everyone that the primary welds of stainless steel slides should be reasonably arranged, try to avoid high-stress areas, and avoid overlapping welds and heat-affected zones.

The primary welding here refers to the failure of welding that will cause personal injury to passengers, such as welding seam axis, cantilever beam welding root, butt welding seam and welding between railway and railway supports, large combined slide bearing or bearing welding seam , Prosperity or pillar connection welding seam, passenger equipment and equipment body structure, crane accessories welding, welding seam and seat support members (including hanging beam or hanging on welding seam), mechanical shaft, support between shaft gear train and welding seam, Oil (air) cylinder bearing welds, safety accessories (some).

Rotary joint weld, balance of weld, cockpit (component) and boom connection welding, lifting mechanism (including pulley) connection to structure, tower touch welding, main shaft and gear fixing welding, wire rope anchor joint welding , safety equipment such as safety struts and braking equipment body welding and connection with other structural or component welds and fillet welds under dynamic load effects, and special welds, hidden welds and planning units or other primary Welds are organized by planning document certification.

Special welding here refers to the force of butt welds and fillet welds forced by the following conditions: joining welds of different steel plates, plate welds, welds on the edge of the hole on the weld at 100mm, crossing or not less than 100mm 100mm, stacked or adjacent seam welding, due to improper placement of welds or unavoidable stress concentration due to welding, etc., and structural welding crack-sensitive materials and parts welding, welding, etc. shadows refer to fabrication or assembly Butt welds and fillet welds where pressure cannot be detected afterward, such as welded shafts and removable internal welded structures, made of fiberglass reinforced plastic or other materials or packages, it is difficult to construct passenger mechanisms, safety pressure rod welding, etc. .

(2) For sealing, axial or primary structures, the use of welded joint structures should be avoided as much as possible, and measures to increase safety redundancy and strengthen quality control should be considered, and effective monitoring methods should be designed.

(3) For the planning stress of welding, specific and complete information should be given for welding, the basic form and size of the welded joint of the combined slide should be clearly marked, and the relevant specifications and safety technical specifications should be abided by.

After completing the welding planning, the planning unit shall list the primary welds, shading, special welds, fillet welds with penetration under the effect of dynamic loading (a list of primary pressure parts that can be contacted together with the list).

(4) Amusement equipment manufacturers ride in accordance with the rules of safety skills (trial)' (hereinafter referred to as the 'decree'), the design of the welding seam must abide by the principles of equal strengthGreater than or equal to the strength of the base metal. The selection of welding filler materials, the formulation of welding technology and heat treatment technology, the control of welding quality, the structural planning and pressure control of welded joints, etc., should ensure that the bearing capacity and heat-affected zone of the weld are not lower than that of the base metal. Therefore, for the butt weld stress, the design should adopt a full penetration structure. If it is really not fully penetrated, the weld weakening factor should be considered, and the maximum allowable value of incomplete penetration should be analyzed and calculated. Whoever requires full penetration welds should list the corresponding drawings with itemized description and clear information.

(5) The main bolts, high-strength bolts and anchor bolts connected to the main stress components should be calculated, and effective preventive measures should be given, as well as the prestress value required during the installation process. Wenzhou Bidini Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. has strong capabilities in the design, development, manufacture and installation of amusement equipment. It is matched with advanced and complete machining equipment and perfect amusement equipment testing capabilities. It is a professional amusement equipment manufacturer integrating amusement equipment development, design, production and sales. It has a dedicated, professional amusement equipment technical team, and amusement equipment sales elites all over the country. Product after-sales service system.
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