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What is the development status and trend of amusement equipment manufacturers?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-02-19
What is the development status and trend of amusement equipment manufacturers?

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The domestic amusement equipment manufacturing industry is developed by learning from the advanced experience of foreign counterparts. The initial market area is mainly limited to traditional amusement parks, and the amusement equipment is mainly small and medium-sized amusement facilities. Since 1988, domestic amusement equipment manufacturing enterprises have realized the importance of creativity, planning and research and development capabilities to the development progress of the industry, and my country's amusement equipment industry has begun the stage of creativity, planning and research and development. After nearly 30 years of hard work, the creativity, planning and technical research and development capabilities of the domestic amusement equipment manufacturing industry have made great progress compared with the beginning of the industry's development, and have the strength to compete with well-known foreign companies.

Due to the differences in the creative planning, manufacturing process and other aspects of the domestic large-scale amusement facility manufacturing industry with European and American standards, this difference causes the products produced by domestic enterprises to focus more on practicality and price advantages, while the well-known foreign enterprises Products are slightly better than domestic enterprises in terms of creativity, planning and design, but as domestic enterprises continue to increase investment in creativity, planning, and research and development and more and more participate in the competition in the international market, this gap is gradually shortening.

The development trend of amusement equipment manufacturers

① Large-scale amusement facilities are developing in a personalized and themed direction

According to the guidelines of the 'Special Equipment CatalogJudging from the Classification of Culture and Related Industries (2012) and the development trend of the industry, the manufacturing of large-scale amusement facilities belongs to the production industry of cultural goods, which has the dual attributes of cultural creativity and special equipment manufacturing. Therefore, with the improvement of people's living standards With the increasing diversification of entertainment needs, the content of amusement facilities is also required to be continuously enriched, and creativity and design play an increasingly important role in the development of the industry. The excitement brought by traditional large-scale amusement facilities can no longer fully meet the needs of all kinds of consumers.

② Expand the application field of large-scale amusement facilities to the direction of urban complexes

From the perspective of the overall development trend of the amusement industry, the application field of large-scale amusement facilities will no longer be limited to traditional amusement parks and theme parks at this stage, but will be combined with urban complexes with the continuous development of urban complex projects. The large-scale amusement facilities will become an important market demand point in the future. Judging from the current market demand for the 'Wanda City' entertainment and business combination project, the combination of large-scale amusement facilities and urban complexes has begun to emerge.

③ From a large amusement facility manufacturing country to a powerful country

Amusement equipment manufacturers my country is a large amusement equipment manufacturing country but not a strong country. The products are mainly sold to Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East and other regions due to their practicality and price advantages, and less sales to Europe and the United States. In the future, with the intensified market competition at home and abroad, in order to cope with the competitive pressure of well-known foreign companies, domestic large-scale amusement equipment manufacturers need to change their development ideas. my country has transformed from a large amusement facility manufacturing country to a powerful country.
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