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What safety matters need to be paid attention to in the operation of new amusement equipment?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-02-23
What safety matters need to be paid attention to in the operation of new amusement equipment?

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With the development of society, all kinds of new items are gradually created, among which the new amusement equipment is very popular among parents and children. So what safety aspects should be paid attention to when operating new amusement equipment. Because this involves the safety of children, it is a problem that cannot be sloppy, and it is necessary to ensure the normal operation of the new amusement equipment.

Generally speaking, it is better to inspect the new amusement equipment three times a day, in the morning, noon and evening. More frequent inspections can better inspect the safety performance of the new amusement equipment, so that The safety of new amusement equipment can be better guaranteed.

1. Before the new amusement equipment starts business in the morning, it is necessary to inspect the safety measures of the new amusement equipment, whether the installation is firm and other safety performances to ensure safety.

2. When the staff of the new amusement equipment is handed over at noon, an inspection is also required. In order not to delay the tourists' play work, the inspection time is usually shorter. Recommended reading: Which new amusement equipment does not need to be exempted from inspection

3. After the new amusement equipment has completed a day's operation, we need to clean and maintain the new amusement equipment, and the fault inspection of the new amusement equipment is also a very important part of the maintenance work.

Nowadays, the equipment produced by many amusement equipment factories is more or less defective, or does not meet market expectations. So what safety measures should we pay attention to when designing new amusement equipment?

1. The parts that may catch the child's hands, feet, arms, legs, and head must be avoided.

2. Swing machines, bumper cars, etc. must consider the cushioning performance of amusement equipment.

3. The metal parts are not allowed to have sharp exposed parts, such as screws, etc. In case the child's clothes are hung on the child and cause harm to the child, the exposed part can be covered with a cover.

4. When selecting materials, high-performance, high-quality and durable materials should be used.

Through the above introduction, when operating new amusement equipment, we must do all kinds of safety maintenance and inspection of various parts to prevent the occurrence of failures, and we must ensure the safety of children, so that parents can rest assured and children can play of peace of mind.
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