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What should be paid attention to when using large amusement facilities

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-18
What should be paid attention to when using large amusement facilities

2021/9/26 11:13:43

Stimulation is what most teenagers pursue today, so large-scale amusement equipment is very popular among teenagers, but when riding large-scale amusement facilities, while stimulating, problems must be paid attention to, so everyone must carefully read the precautions before riding large-scale amusement equipment .

According to the rules, all large-scale amusement equipment must be appraised every year, and the inspection certificate should be posted in a prominent position. Consumers should first check whether this large-scale amusement equipment is within the validity period before riding. Whether operators of large-scale amusement facilities hold a 'large-scale amusement equipment operation certificate' for work. Each large amusement equipment has corresponding precautions. Consumers must read carefully before riding to see if the staff can operate according to the precautions.

1. Look at the suitable crowd of amusement equipment. Whether it is suitable for my physical condition to ride the amusement equipment, understand the requirements of this amusement equipment for patients with age or certain diseases, and choose the amusement equipment suitable for my consumption.

2. Read the Passenger Instructions. Understand the sports characteristics, instructions for use, protection instructions and warnings of the amusement equipment, and be aware of it. Listen carefully to the staff's knowledge and explanations and explanations, and ask questions in a timely manner if there is any unclear place.

Third, look at the device. Check whether the device (such as belt, bar, etc.) is complete and effective. If the equipment is incomplete or cannot be used normally, refuse to ride or play.
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