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What specifications exist for amusement facilities?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-18
What specifications exist for amusement facilities?

2021/9/24 5:05:04

There are a lot of amusement equipment now. What are the specifications of these amusement equipment?

1. For gliding categories, such as 'roller coaster', the allowable acceleration value has been increased. This is because when the 'roller coaster' descends from a high place to a low place, the speed is very fast and the acceleration is very large. In order to prevent the passengers from being hurt, the acceleration should be limited within a certain range.

2. Various loads are added, such as wind load, because when the wind force is above level 6, the speed of itself plus the impact force, the passengers may be thrown out of the wind load, which is very dangerous, and the amusement must be stopped Operation of the facility.

3. The coefficient has been adjusted and reduced to some extent. Originally a common material can meet the requirements, there is no need to use special materials. In the past, the coefficient was set too high, resulting in waste of materials and increased cost.

Fourth, new requirements for evaluation and analysis have been added.

5. The standard of water amusement facilities has been increased.
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