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What steps need to be followed for the inspection of large amusement equipment?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-03-14
What steps need to be followed for the inspection of large amusement equipment?

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Large-scale amusement equipment has always belonged to the category of special equipment because of its high speed and high operating height. The state has a standardized process for the supervision of special equipment. Today, how to report and make security inspections for large-scale amusement equipment that amusement park operators care about The description is designed to help everyone understand the work of large-scale amusement equipment before normal operation.

1. Work before installation

1. Before purchasing large-scale amusement equipment, it is necessary to review the qualifications of the manufacturer. The state stipulates that the manufacturer of large-scale amusement equipment must have the 'Special Equipment Production License' issued by the special equipment safety supervision and management department of the State Council. The form, running speed, and running height are divided into three categories: A, B, and C. One type of product has one license. The license will clearly display the information such as the number of people and the running height of the equipment. Whether the Equipment Production License corresponds to the purchased equipment.

2. For filing, large-scale amusement equipment should be reported to the local special equipment management department before installation. Manufacturers will provide corresponding filing materials according to different types of special equipment to help operators complete the filing work.

2. Work after installation

After the installation is completed, you should apply to the local special equipment management department for inspection. Within 10 working days, the management department will arrange relevant personnel with inspection qualifications to inspect the site. After recording the inspection data, the inspection will be issued within 10 working days. Report. After the inspection report is qualified, the equipment can be used for normal operation. Before the qualified inspection report is issued, the equipment is not allowed to be used for operation.

3. Use of equipment

In normal operation, operators should be trained in strict accordance with the requirements of the equipment usage specifications provided by the manufacturer, and operators who have qualification requirements should be hired after the operators have obtained the corresponding qualifications; at the same time, they should be strictly followed The manufacturer requires regular inspection of the equipment and timely replacement of wearing parts.

Four Annual Inspection

The state stipulates that special equipment needs to be inspected once a year. The operator should cooperate with the local special equipment management department to carry out the annual inspection of the equipment and report it in time. If the annual inspection fails, the relevant problems should be dealt with as soon as possible; the equipment that has not been used for a long time should be It can be put into use only after the initial inspection is carried out again.

5. Others

The safety management specification of special equipment is to protect tourists and operators, so we must actively cooperate with relevant departments to manage special equipment. As a large-scale amusement equipment company, we will guide operators to carry out related work in full; for inexperienced operators, we also have full custody services, and we will arrange special personnel to track and cooperate with them to complete the corresponding inspection work.
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