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What work should be done before the indoor children's play equipment is operated?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-11
What work should be done before the indoor children's play equipment is operated?

2021/9/24 5:46:32

Now there are a lot of indoor children's play equipment, indoor children's play equipment is very important, so how to do the work of indoor children's play equipment?

Before riding large-scale amusement facilities, tourists should pay attention to the warning signs, carefully read the instructions for tourists, and understand the riding range of the amusement facilities, whether the rides are suitable for their physical condition, and the requirements of the facilities for age or patients with certain diseases. own rides. Visitors should check their carry-on items and do not bring loose items on their bodies. Indoor children's amusement equipment factories should wear appropriate clothes and shoes. Girls try not to wear too flowing skirts, and do not wear strapless leather shoes or flip-flops when riding the amusement facilities to prevent accidents.

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When playing, tourists should fasten the belt first, buckle the locking device, and observe whether the safety pressure bar is pressed well. Parents should pay special attention to their children and do not let them climb over the railings or cross the cordon at will. Before the amusement facilities have stopped, tourists should not worry about going up and down the amusement facilities.

Remember not to wear contact lenses when playing in the water, to prevent contact lenses from being contaminated or dropped. When playing the water slide, don't stand for a long time. The front and rear two people in the same slide should keep a certain distance and slide down. When encountering the surrounding pool, don't put your head out of the slide.
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