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When playing large amusement equipment, do your homework in advance

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-17
When playing large amusement equipment, do your homework in advance

2021/9/26 3:24:35

When playing large amusement equipment, do your homework in advance

Golden Horse reminds everyone: As the 11th is approaching, the business of major amusement parks and amusement parks is getting more and more popular. When it comes to festivals and weekends, parents take their children out to play, and often choose some places with amusement equipment.

Whether the amusement equipment is a problem that everyone cares about. How to identify whether the amusement equipment in a place is operating in accordance with the specifications, and how to protect yourself when riding large amusement equipment? In this issue of 'Special Equipment You and I Together' invite people to answer the questions for the public.

Choose regular amusement facilities and listen to the guidance of the staff

'Among so many playgrounds, how can I choose a formal and secure one?' Citizen Mr. Chen said that his 7-year-old son likes playgrounds, and the uneven playground facilities make him a little worried.

'Regular large-scale amusement equipment must be inspected and qualified by an inspection unit with corresponding large-scale amusement facilities inspection qualifications, and an 'inspection certificate' can be issued before it can be put into use. Inspection certificate. People reminded that the operators of these amusement facilities should also have corresponding qualifications and work with certificates. Citizens can pay attention to check whether they wear the qualification certificates with them during working hours.

It is also very important for the operation and use unit of amusement equipment to regulate the management of amusement facilities. For example, whether there are necessary precautions and warning signs around the facility, whether the site is cluttered and crowded, whether the protective devices are reliable and complete, etc., can all show the management level of a playground. If the management is chaotic and disorderly, these amusement facilities are very likely to have hidden dangers, and it is recommended not to choose them.

In addition, when riding amusement equipment, citizens should raise their awareness and follow the guidance of the on-site staff. During the game, you should fasten the belt and fasten the locking device as required, and do not climb over the railings or cross the cordon at will. Before the facility is stopped, do not go up and down the amusement equipment at will.
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