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Which Guangdong indoor children's amusement equipment factory is good?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-05
Which Guangdong indoor children's amusement equipment factory is good?

2021/9/22 8:36:16

Which Guangdong indoor children's amusement equipment factory is good? Jinma Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Guangdong Province, the distribution center of amusement machines. Jinma Children's Amusement Equipment Factory is an integrated park construction unit engaged in theme park planning and design, theme packaging and decoration, equipment manufacturing and installation, and investment, operation and management. The main products of Jinma Amusement include: indoor and outdoor children's amusement equipment, bumper car series, merry-go-round series, rotating series, track sliding series, sightseeing car series, electronic technology series, water park series, go-kart series, sightseeing car series, small train series. The products involved include: indoor parks, large and medium-sized outdoor parks, and water parks.

The design, planning, transportation, and installation are all in the responsibility of the Golden Horse manufacturer. The decoration is not included. We only provide the site size and cad drawing, which is very worry-free and powerful.

Guangzhou Golden Horse Amusement Environmental Art Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, (abbreviation: Environmental Art Company) is affiliated to Golden Horse Amusement. The company has a good business environment, a mature operation mode and a high-quality construction team. It integrates landscape concepts and traditional Chinese garden landscape ideas, and has completed the design and construction of many projects in various places.

Jinma's work tenet of 'dedicated, rigorous,' is also our goal. Actively expand the business scope, integrate market trends, establish a unique artistic style, create landscape art boutiques, work hard to create a harmonious and beautiful home, and make due contributions to the construction of the urban ecological environment.

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