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Which is better, indoor play equipment or outdoor play equipment?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-03-05
Which is better, indoor play equipment or outdoor play equipment?

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Now many people are paying attention to children's amusement equipment, and many people want to do business in this area. But many people don't know how to choose indoor amusement equipment and outdoor amusement equipment, which one is more suitable for their own operation? Let's talk about whether children's amusement equipment should choose outdoor or indoor from several aspects.

Outdoor amusement equipment is easy to understand, it is some children's amusement equipment suitable for outdoor. Outdoor amusement equipment is generally large in size and high in height, such as Ferris wheel, self-control plane, rotating flying chair, inflatable slide, etc. These outdoor amusement equipment are more exciting to play because of their high height, especially suitable for people over 6 years old. Children and parents ride together. Indoor amusement equipment is generally small in appearance, such as laser balloons, coin slot machines, basketball machines and other small electronic amusement machines. There are also some indoor ones like Naughty Castle Paradise. It can be said that indoor and outdoor amusement equipment has its own advantages, and there is no way to distinguish which one is better. Let's introduce it from several aspects to see where you are suitable for business!

1. Venue

Outdoor amusement equipment venues are generally selected in parks or squares or temple fairs, etc., which can be fixed or movable, and are suitable for outdoor venues with dense traffic. Indoor amusement equipment is generally chosen to be placed in shopping malls or communities.

2. Input size

Generally, a set of outdoor amusement equipment costs 40,000 to 50,000 yuan. If you want to make an amusement park, you even need more than 200,000 yuan of investment, while an indoor amusement park only needs 20,000-30,000 yuan to make an indoor child of about 100 square meters. paradise.

3. Staffing

Each set of outdoor amusement equipment is controlled separately, so when there are many people, multiple people need to control one piece of equipment each, while indoor amusement equipment only needs one person, which is easy and convenient.

There are a lot of amusement equipment that can be placed not only outdoors, but also indoors, such as bumper cars, bouncy castles, inflatable sand pools, etc. The following introduces some amusement equipment suitable for outdoor and indoor, you can choose.

Play equipment suitable for outdoor use:

Luxury carousel, rail train, inflatable slide, inflatable dash, spinning flying chair, self-control plane, free jellyfish, space walk, pirate ship, mobile water park, Ferris wheel, etc.

Play equipment suitable for indoor use:

Bumper cars, small rail trains, mobile pirate ships, indoor children's playgrounds, video game machines, etc.

Indoor amusement equipment and outdoor amusement equipment complement each other. As long as you choose a good venue and choose a good equipment, it is better whether it is indoor or outdoor.

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