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Why are park amusement equipment so popular in the market?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-01-21
Why are park amusement equipment so popular in the market?

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Many investors who invest in park rides or invest in it have the same concern: investment risk. Some are even taught for a few reasons, several reasons. Want to invest in a business park before investing fully Amusement equipment (rides) city and background venues, profiles, etc., such as consumption level, population density, location, etc.

Types of parks and playable amusement facilities. Visiting amusement equipment can be divided into large and medium-sized amusement equipment and children's amusement equipment according to the population, and can be divided into merry-go-round, taxi, gyro, flying tower, racing car, control Plane, Ferris wheel, small train, air travel, water play equipment, bumper car, battery car, etc. Twelve. The first thing to consider is playability, then type. The selection of playable rides will be twice the effort.

Site selection. The choice of park amusement equipment (amusement park equipment) site is very important, first of all, the choice of parks and attractions.

Why is that? Because people usually go directly to the park when they visit the park, many people want to play more than one. Then there is the choice of venue size, for example, if you want to go to a carousel, the website rents according to equipment The size of the space and the agreement of the park management, the site is not placed, and the small equipment field is a little big waste of money.

Every parent wants to make their children smarter and smarter, so that they can grow up smart and happy while being naughty and playing. Every parent's wish is for their child to be the best, both intellectually and physically.

According to expert research, the vestibular system in the human central nervous system has the functions of detecting gravity, maintaining body balance and promoting the development of other nervous systems. Therefore, when the vestibular system is dysfunctional, it will not only affect the child's balance and motor response, but even reduce the learning ability. Therefore, it is worth noting how to use children's amusement facilities to help the development of children's vestibular system functions.

Children's play equipment, usually including naughty castles, with swings, slides and other children's climbing pipeline devices; bumper cars, rotating small mushrooms, energy vortex and so on. These playground equipment can promote the development of children's various nervous systems, including vestibular nervous system, motor nervous system, tactile nervous system and so on.

(1) The activities of shaking and acceleration. The equipment for such activities includes the swing slides and electric toys in the naughty castle. After the baby can sit firmly, he can ride a Zhuge horse, ride on an electric toy or slide a small slide, and provide stimulation of the vestibular system through a large amount of acceleration and sudden deceleration, so that the child's neural pathway is smooth. After the age of 3, he can also let him swing, slide and ride the lift train, so that they can have endless fun in feeling the increase or decrease of speed.

(2) Rotation activity. The equipment has rotating mushrooms, Trojan horses, etc. Most children like to be held and rotated, but some children are afraid of rotation because their brains cannot adapt to the rotation stimulation. Therefore, when playing kindergarten slides with children who are afraid of rotation, do not force them to play games that rotate too fast, but should play games with a large rotation arc and a slow rotation speed, such as riding a small rail train, so that the adjustment function of their vestibular system can be improved. Opportunities gradually increase. For kids who like to spin, let them do more of these spins. As for children who especially like to spin, because their vestibular system does not respond adequately to the stimulus input, they can be allowed to sit more on fast spinning toys, so that the dull vestibular system can get stronger stimulation and help to normalize.

(3) Anti-gravity and balance activities of park amusement equipment. The equipment for such activities includes climbing slide frames, inflatable castles, naughty castles, etc. Fighting against gravity is one of the survival instincts of animals growing on Earth. Infants and young children also need to learn to judge the relationship between themselves and the ground from various game activities, and cultivate their own children through children's naughty castles. In the children's naughty castle, children's nature will not be oppressed, on the contrary, they are free to release their innocent side. Although they have strict requirements on their children, whether in study or in life, they know how to release their children. In Xintiandi Children's Naughty Castle, we saw parents and children playing together or laughing Or slapstick, the children drilled in and out of various props, up and down, the parents stayed by the side, encouraging and having fun at the same time. Precisely because they know that children need both exercise and relaxation. As my cousin said, a person is not funny because he is smart, but smart because he is funny.
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