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About the structure principle and operation of pirate ship amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-30
About the structure principle and operation of pirate ship amusement equipment

2021/9/24 2:43:52

Equipment height: 11m

Rated occupant: 36 people

Swing inclination: ±45°

Working voltage: 380v

Area: 14m*7.5m

Equipment power: 22kw

The pirate ship amusement equipment consists of passenger cabin, support arm, suspension system, transmission system, platform, operating system and other parts.

Working principle: The motor rotates and is driven to the tire by the belt. When the tire rotates, it rises under the action of the electro-hydraulic pusher and contacts with the friction track at the bottom of the cabin. Under the action of friction, the suspension point of the cabin swings freely. After 2~ 3 times of friction drive, the cabin can reach the designed large swing angle.

Working conditions and working environment of pirate ship amusement equipment:

⒈ Power: 380V 50Hz

⒉ When the power supply voltage fluctuation range exceeds ±10% of the rated value, the operation should be suspended until it returns to normal.

⒊ When emergencies such as severe weather and power outages occur or are expected to occur, operations shall be stopped.

⒋ This equipment cannot be installed near high-voltage cables

⒌ This equipment is suitable for areas below 1000 meters above sea level

Operation guide for pirate ship amusement equipment: Before the equipment starts to run, the air compressor needs to run for a period of time, and the air compressor will automatically stop running when the air pressure of the equipment is reached. When the air pressure indicator light flashes, the braking system will act. At this time, you can guide the passengers to board the boat. After checking that all passengers are seated firmly and fasten their belts, press the start button. At this time, the running warning bell will sound and the braking system will be released. The hull, the equipment will be automatically converted to automatic operation, and the equipment will operate automatically without pressing the button at this time. When the equipment runs to the set time, the equipment will ring the bell again, and the braking system will start to operate. After running for a certain period of time, the equipment will slowly stop. Passengers are not allowed to disembark until the ship has stopped.

Precautions for pirate ship amusement equipment:

1. In the event of a sudden power failure during operation, the main power supply should be cut off at this time, the brakes should be relieved, and the cockpit should be allowed to swing slowly and freely until it finally stops before the tourists can disembark.

2. If there is any abnormal phenomenon in the equipment itself, it is not allowed to drive the ship.

3. The station service personnel must warn the tourists not to open the safety device without authorization during the operation of the equipment to prevent accidents.

4. It is not suitable to ride if you are unwell.

5. When the weather is bad, such as the wind speed is relatively large, when the equipment and the person are affected, it is not suitable to operate.

6. Before operation every day, it is necessary to test the empty car several times to check whether there is any abnormality. If any problem is found, stop the operation immediately, and notify the relevant personnel in time for maintenance to ensure the fault-free operation of the whole machine.

7. After the operation of each shift, the cockpit should be parked in the center of the platform, the main power should be turned off, the operation records should be kept, and the operation room should be locked.
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