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Amusement equipment should focus on original design

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-20
Amusement equipment should focus on original design

2022/4/6 3:22:35

With the increase of foreign thresholds for the playground equipment industry, playground equipment products have gradually turned to domestic sales. However, the thinking of the OEM mode of amusement equipment manufacturers has not changed. Powerful amusement equipment manufacturers will improve the basis of foreign products to meet the needs of domestic children. However, some small amusement equipment manufacturers with insufficient qualifications imitate the improved products of powerful amusement equipment manufacturers and use price wars to obtain orders. Many amusement equipment manufacturers saw that this can save costs and make money, and gradually formed a style of imitation. Innovation in the amusement equipment industry has stalled.

The result of the price war in the amusement equipment industry is that the quality of the amusement equipment is not up to standard. Powerful amusement equipment manufacturers develop a set of new products and hope that the products can be recognized by the market, so the manufactured products will meet or exceed national standards. After gaining market recognition, other manufacturers began to imitate and suppress the products of other amusement equipment manufacturers with price wars. In the price war, manufacturers must reduce costs. On the basis of reducing costs, the quality of the products is not high. Gradually, it will go in the direction of a vicious circle. If the accident is caused by quality reasons, it will cause people's distrust of the industry. Then the market will shrink.

Amusement equipment manufacturers should not imitate endlessly, but should add some original elements on the basis of imitation to gain market recognition and create a virtuous circle for the entire industry.

If you want to buy amusement equipment with good quality, quick money and reliable reputation, then you must first understand the amusement equipment industry. How do you know it?

In fact, if you want to choose a good amusement equipment, you must first know, who are the manufacturers of amusement equipment? After getting to know the manufacturer, the next step is to visit the site. You can visit the site to find out whether the manufacturer of the amusement equipment you want to buy has complete documents. Such as: business license, special equipment manufacturing certificate, special equipment maintenance and transformation certificate, qualification certificate, etc. If the manufacturer cannot provide these documents, the amusement equipment you purchased cannot be guaranteed.
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