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An indispensable screw and nut combination for new amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-02-27
An indispensable screw and nut combination for new amusement equipment

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Today, the editor of the new amusement equipment manufacturer Amusement will introduce you to the indispensable screw and nut combination of the new amusement equipment.

1. Remove the broken screw

Drill holes on the screw, insert several boring cones, and unscrew the screw. Note that the blow should not be so hard that it damages the female threads. If the screw breaks in the center of the broken end below the machine surface, use the corresponding counter-rotating screw or tap to unscrew the counter-rotating screw in the hole; if the screw breaks on the machine surface, it can be added to the broken head. Pull out the welding screw, or hack the groove at the protruding break and tighten with a screwdriver. Drill the entire amusement park equipment with a drill bit, replace the screw slightly larger than the original screw diameter, and select the corresponding nut.

2. Remove rusty dead screws

Tap both sides of the screw (screw, nut, etc.) by hand to break the anti-rust layer, then unscrew it; first turn it slightly in the tightening direction, then turn it in the opposite direction, and then unscrew it in the opposite direction ; Pour some kerosene around the screw, or put cotton yarn in kerosene, soak for about 20 minutes, use the strong penetration of kerosene to penetrate the rust layer, gradually loosen the thread and unscrew it.

If all of the above methods do not work, if playground equipment parts are allowed, use a torch to quickly heat the nut or thread, expand the part or nut, and then quickly tighten

3. Disassemble the threaded joint group

In addition to the disassembly according to the single thread method, the disassembly of the threaded joint group must also do the following: first loosen the bolts 1~2, and then disassemble one by one according to the regulations, as shown in the figure. Avoid hard-to-remove or deform or damage the part after the force is concentrated on the latter screw. It is necessary to remove it in difficult locations.

The above is all the content introduced by the editor of the new amusement equipment manufacturer today. If you want to get more relevant information, you can bookmark our website. We will update it from time to time~~
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