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Children's amusement equipment manufacturers remind you that the maintenance of winter equipment is more important

by:Jinma Rides     2021-08-08
Lidong has passed quietly, and the cold winter has arrived. Many customers think that amusement equipment cannot be operated well in this season. The children's amusement equipment manufacturer reminds you but the amusement equipment tells you that it will not, as long as we pay attention to maintenance. The amusement equipment, the amusement equipment can not be afraid of the coming of winter.

   The maintenance of inflatable amusement equipment. Inflatable amusement equipment is mainly for daily cleaning. After the operation is completed, the equipment is checked every day, and the equipment should also be checked for stains. We need to be the first time Clean up. Mechanical equipment, mechanical equipment may freeze at night in winter, so we must check at the end of the operation, add lubricating oil to the parts that are easy to wear, and replace them in time if there are severely worn parts to avoid them. Equipment accident.

   Sightseeing car type amusement equipment, this type of equipment is relatively affected by the weather, and the winter has a greater impact on the battery or engine and other components. We need to spend more time on maintenance. We are at night When charging the battery, pay attention to calculating the approximate time. Do not under-charge or over-charge. The maintenance of equipment in winter is more important. We must warm up the engine in advance when using it in the morning. Do not turn on the switch and start it. Heat for one to two minutes before using.
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