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Children's amusement equipment must be long-term profitable and hardware must be selected

by:Jinma Rides     2021-08-27
Children's amusement equipment must be popular for a long time in order to obtain lasting profits. Popularity must be joined by players. Since children's amusement devices have a special consumer group and are children of several years old, they must be popular for a long time. Only children are not enough, parents need to join. However, in today's society, parents care about their children and attach great importance to their children's education. Pure children's amusement equipment cannot be recognized and encouraged by parents. Only equipment that combines entertainment, safety, education and health can be accepted by them.
In the selection process of children's amusement equipment, we must pay attention to the various effects of the equipment, whether it can grasp the parents' thoughts, and whether it can be popular for a long time. Some devices may not be very exciting in games, but they are active in children's learning and education and should be considered. Children's play equipment is not as exciting as video game equipment. It can be completely ventilated and relaxed. It is necessary to take into account the parents’ concerns and the children’s learning and intellectual improvement.
The above factors should be considered when choosing children's play equipment. After all, equipment must be profitable in the long-term, and hardware must be selected in order to lay a good foundation for future profitability. Secondly, long-term profitability also requires the software part, that is, management strategy and regular maintenance.
In recent years, outdoor children's amusement equipment has become more and more important in commercial places. Outdoor amusement equipment in the first-tier cities of RET, a professional commercial real estate operating agency, has been saturated. This saturation can only show that the number of outdoor amusement equipment has reached a certain level, but there are still too few influential brands. Most consumers still choose to go to the nearest mall to play.
In addition, the wholesale capacity of children's amusement equipment is generally weak, a large number of brands have limited operating capacity, and the leasing capacity is still relatively low. This paralyzed the shopping center. If you do not introduce children's amusement equipment, the transportation and attractiveness are not enough; but if the proportion of introduction is too large, the rental contribution rate of children's amusement equipment will be too low.
The performance of the mall’s performance is that the contribution of children’s amusement equipment is currently only an indirect contribution to retain other consumers’ consumption. Generally speaking, children's amusement equipment also faces the problem of homogeneity. In the future, the wholesale of outdoor amusement equipment will need to upgrade from the traditional companion type, product sales type to parent-child interaction type, and education and music types.
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