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Guangdong scenic track slide amusement equipment supplier

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-04
Guangdong scenic track slide amusement equipment supplier

2021/9/22 4:36:27

Guangdong scenic track slide amusement equipment supplier

Jinma is a company dedicated to scenic slides, scenic slide construction, scenic slide construction, scenic plank roads, scenic chutes, scenic zipline construction, scenic rafting, scenic glass plank roads and other businesses. Scenic area planning and design, construction, operation, planning!

The most popular recreational items in the scenic spot are: wooden suspension bridge, glass suspension bridge, jungle crossing, glass plank road, zipline, etc. Due to the relative height advantage of the glass suspension bridge, the existence of a glass suspension bridge with both recreational and ornamental value makes the scenic spot taste instant, standing on the bridge, and the beautiful scenery is unobstructed. Whether looking down, looking up, or looking from a distance, it can bring tourists a strong visual experience.

Guangdong scenic track slide amusement equipment supplier

The pipe-rail slideway track line does not require foundation construction or a large amount of earthwork construction; the main structure of the slideway and liftway is maintenance-free stainless steel material:
1. The running tube adopts ¢85X4mm (304 stainless steel tube)
2. Brake pipe adopts ¢48.6X3mm (304 stainless steel pipe)
3. Operation protection pipe adopts ¢35X1.5mm (304 stainless steel pipe)
4. The support plate is 5-8mm imported stainless steel plate
5. The bracket is a special hot-dip galvanized channel steel.

Scenic slide technical parameters:

Average degree of descending slide: Tubular slide: ≤20%

Small slope in any section of the slide: 4%

Large slope in any section of the slide: 25%

Small curvature radius of down slide curve: 10 meters

The curve is connected to the curve, and the length of the straight line is not less than: 6 meters

Guangdong scenic track slide amusement equipment supplier

Yuancufang Landscape Design Engineering Co., Ltd. (Jinma Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.), the company is mainly engaged in: tourism scenic spot planning and design, development management, construction, maintenance, and landscape architecture engineering design services. The construction of landscape and green space facilities includes: scenic spot design, glass plank road, steel structure glass viewing platform, ropeway, bungee jumping, high-altitude swing, large-scale landscape design and construction, etc.

Our company has been committed to eco-tourism scenic spots, scenic plank roads, investment development and design and construction work. The company adheres to the business philosophy of 'survive by quality, and share destiny with tourism', discover scenic spots, build scenic spots, and make unconventional tourism projects.
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