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Safety responsibility is greater than the sky, and amusement equipment manufacturers should pay more attention

by:Jinma Rides     2022-03-06

We all know that the current amusement equipment needs to be powered on to start normally, especially some large-scale amusement equipment. So what details should the amusement equipment manufacturers pay attention to when they are powered on? Today, let's popularize it.

1. The design function of the electrical system of the amusement equipment must meet the needs of the operation control and safety protection of the amusement equipment, and meet the requirements of normal use under the local environmental conditions.

2. The grounding type of the low-voltage power distribution system of the amusement equipment should adopt the TN-S system; the metal shell of the electrical equipment and the non-charged metal structure must be grounded reliably; the protection repeated grounding resistance of the low-voltage power distribution system should not be greater than 10 ohms; The design and construction of the grounding device shall comply with the provisions of 'Code for Grounding Design of Industrial and Civil Power Installations'; the insulation resistance between the live circuit and the ground shall not be less than 1M ohms.

3. Amusement facilities with a height of more than 15m should be equipped with lightning protection devices. The lightning protection devices must be connected reliably, and their grounding resistance should not be greater than 10 ohms.

4. Amusement equipment should not be installed in the channel of high-voltage overhead power transmission and distribution lines. If it is installed, the approval of the local power management department must be obtained.

Safety comes first.

Under normal circumstances, when we judge whether the amusement equipment is safe, we generally judge from the appearance and the newness of the amusement equipment. We think that the safety of the new amusement equipment will be higher, while the safety performance of the old amusement equipment is low. So is this the case?

Today, the editor will specifically introduce to you how to judge the safety performance of amusement equipment!

Judging the safety of new amusement equipment cannot be judged only from the degree of newness and oldness. The safety of new amusement equipment does not depend on how old or new the surface of new amusement equipment is, because after any new amusement equipment has been used for a long time, There is always a phenomenon that the surface color becomes old. The new type of amusement equipment whose surface color becomes old is not necessarily safe. We also need to pay specific attention to the running status of the bearings and other accessories of the new amusement equipment.

In addition, for the amusement equipment manufacturers, for the new and new amusement equipment, we also need to check the 'Amusement Equipment Safety Inspection Certificate' to ensure the safety. It is very one-sided to judge the safety of the surface of the new amusement equipment only from the newness of its surface. Of course, doing maintenance work and updating the surface of the new amusement equipment can attract more tourists.
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