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Use children's play equipment to help children develop healthily

by:Jinma Rides     2021-08-26

Because the vestibular system in the human central nervous system has the function of detecting gravity, maintaining body balance and promoting the development of other nervous systems. Therefore, when the vestibular system is dysfunctional, it will not only affect the child's balance and movement response, but even reduce the learning ability. Therefore, it is worth noting how to use children's amusement equipment to help children develop the function of the vestibular system.
Children’s amusement equipment, usually including naughty castles, there are swings, slides and other children’s climbing pipeline devices, swing cars, children’s carousels, inflatable castles, luxury carousels, bee ball jets, etc. These playground equipment can promote the development of children's various nervous systems, including the vestibular nervous system, motor nervous system, tactile nervous system and so on.
(1) Shaking and acceleration activities. The equipment for this type of activity includes the swing slides, swing machines, and electric toys in the naughty castle. After the baby can sit firmly, he can ride a horse, ride on an electric toy or a small slide, and provide stimulation of the vestibular system through a large amount of acceleration and deceleration, so that the child's nerve pathway is smooth. After the age of 3, he can also be allowed to swing, slide and ride the lift train, so that they can feel the increase and decrease of speed and have endless fun.

(2) Rotating activities. The equipment includes carousel, track train and so on. Most children like people holding rotation, but some children are afraid of rotation. This is because his brain cannot adapt to rotation stimulation. Therefore, when playing kindergarten slides with children who are afraid of spinning, don’t force them to play games that spin too fast. Instead, they should play games with a larger arc of rotation and slow speed, such as riding on a track train, so that their vestibular system can be adjusted. The opportunity gradually strengthened. Children who like spinning can let them play more of these spinning activities. As for children who like to rotate, because their vestibular system does not respond to stimulus input, they can be allowed to sit on more fast rotating things, so that the dull vestibular system can get stronger stimulation and help normalize it.
(3) Anti-gravity and balance activities. Equipment for this type of activity includes climbing slide racks, inflatable castles, naughty castles, etc. Fighting against gravity is one of the survival instincts of animals that grow on the earth. Infants and young children also need to learn to judge the relationship between themselves and the ground from various game activities, so as to establish a sense of balance and form a concept of visual space.

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