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What are the characteristics and classification of large amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-20
What are the characteristics and classification of large amusement equipment

2021/9/26 5:41:00

With the rapid growth of the population and the improvement of living standards, the amusement equipment on the market, especially the large-scale amusement equipment, is very popular. What are the characteristics and classifications of common large amusement equipment?

Features of large amusement equipment:

1. The use of large-scale amusement equipment is designed for the different needs of passengers of all ages. Generally speaking, the design movement height and speed are the design upper limit of the thrilling feeling that can be accepted by the age group.
2. In the design concept of large-scale amusement equipment, the dynamic concept of making passengers in an open and expandable space is deliberately created. Most of the passenger positions are semi-enclosed or non-enclosed designs, and closed protection designs are rarely used.
3. In the design of large-scale amusement equipment, the position of the passengers adopts the design of changing the position, changing the angle, changing the speed and changing the height, and presents a changeable feeling through the change of the movement form.

Classification of large amusement equipment by:

1. Amusement facilities with specific entertainment functions, such as: water amusement facilities, children's combined amusement facilities, bungee jumping, etc.
2. Amusement facilities running along the track and ground, such as bumper cars, racing cars, large scooters, sky trains, etc.
3. Amusement facilities for rotating motion, such as: carousel, viewing car, spaceship, gyro, flying tower, etc.

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