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What are the daily management systems for indoor children's play equipment?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-11
What are the daily management systems for indoor children's play equipment?

2021/9/24 5:14:35

Now there are a lot of indoor children's play equipment, so how to manage the indoor children's play equipment? What are the management systems for indoor children's play equipment?

1. Cultivate the awareness of staff  The user unit should pay attention to the management of the equipment, and put the management on the important agenda.
2. Establish a management system  Common management systems are the management system, the all-day duty system, the regular inspection system, the operation process of indoor children's play equipment and the accident level reporting system.
3. Create inspection files  Every day or every inspection should be recorded, and the inspection log should be kept for later viewing.
4. The established management organization  Clarify the responsibilities of each level and position.
5. Carry out training and education  Some training and educational activities related to indoor children's play equipment are often carried out.

6. Regular inspection  Regular inspections must be done no matter it is a large or small playground, and organize employees to conduct equipment inspections on a yearly, quarterly, monthly, holiday and peak season basis.

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