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What are the design requirements for playground equipment landscape

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-25
What are the design requirements for playground equipment landscape

2022/3/9 3:23:52

Jinma Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. talks about the design requirements of playground equipment landscape? How much do you know?

Children's playgrounds should delineate a fixed area in the landscape green space, which is generally open. Playgrounds must be sunny, with clean air and protected from strong winds. There should be a certain distance from the main traffic roads in the residential area to reduce the impact of car noise and protect children's ān quán. The site selection of the playground should also fully consider the impact of the noise generated by children's activities on the nearby residents, and it is appropriate to be 10m away from the residents' windows.

Trees that block the line of sight should not be planted around the children's playground to maintain good visibility, so that adults can monitor children's eyes.

The choice of children's playground facilities should be able to attract and mobilize children's enthusiasm for participating in games, taking into account practicality and beauty. Colors can be bright but should be in harmony with the surrounding environment. The selection and design of game equipment should be of appropriate size to prevent children from being scratched by the equipment or falling from a height. Protective fences, soft floor mats, warning signs, etc.

Drinking water and play water should be provided for children near the larger playground in the center of the residential area, which is convenient for children to drink, rinse and play sand building games.

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